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Mercoledí 13 maggio 2020

 Storia del Jazz - biennio


"01 Bemsha Swing"

Cecil Taylor piano, Buell Neidlinger bass, Dennis Charles drums. NYC, December 10, 1955

"02 Cell Walk For Celeste (Take 1)"

Archie Shepp tenor, Cecil Taylor piano, Buell Neidlinger bass, Dennis Charles drums. NYC, January 9, 1961.

"03 Nefertiti, the Beautiful One Has Come"

Cecil Taylor - piano, Jimmy Lyons - alto saxophone, Sunny Murray - drums. Recorded at the Cafe Montmartre, Copenhagen, November 23, 1962

"04 Wo Wo"

The New York Contemporary Five: Archie Shepp tenor saxophone, John Tchicai alto saxophone, Don Cherry trumpet, Don Moore bass, J. C. Moses drums. Copenhagen, November 15, 1963

"06 Spirits"

Albert Ayler tenor, Gary Peacock bass, Sunny Murray drums. Live at the "Cellar Cafe", New York, June 14th, 1964

"09 Outer Spaceways Incorporated"

Ali Hassan, Bernard Pettaway or Dick Griffin, trombone, Marshall Allen, Danny Davis, alto sax, flute, John Gilmore tenor sax, Pat Patrick baritone sax, flute, Robert Cummings bass clarinet, Sun Ra piano, Ronnie Boykins bass, Clifford Jarvis, Lex Humphries, Robert Barry drums, June Tyson, vocals. Recorded in New York, 1968

"10 A Jackson In Your House"

Lester Bowie trumpet, percussion, Malachi Favors bass, percussion, vocals, Joseph Jarman saxophones, clarinets, percussion, Roscoe Mitchell: saxophones, clarinets, flute, percussion. Paris, 23 June 1969.